How it Works

3 easy steps:
• Sign up, then go to the toys catalog section and Pick your favorite toys (4 toys per shipment)
• Sit back and wait for your toys to be delivered to your door.
• Once you’re done playing with your toys, we come to pick it up the old toys and deliver a new batch of toys for unlimited fun.
And a portion of the profit will be donated to a good cause (we are in the process of selecting the right association, follow us on Facebook and we will keep you posted)
KouniToys is the gift that keeps on giving.

Pick your Toys

We prepare a personalized toy chest

Relax and Enjoy

We deliver your toys to your door


Have fun! When you are done we come with a new batch of toys!

KouniToys brings high-quality age-appropriate toys to children that encourage creativity and learning.

With our monthly subscription of age-appropriate and well-researched toys, you get access to the world's best toys, but you also save space and resources in the long-run.

KouniToys is:

  • Easy and convenient : toys delivered right to your doorstep

  • Reduces waste : renting instead of buying is a good way to reduce your environmental footprint.

  • Prevent clutter : no need to store outgrown toys

Start Your Box Today!

Do the right thing for your child, the Earth and your wallet!