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Common questions and answers
How does it work?

KouniToys is an educational toy subscription service. It brings high-quality age-appropriate toys to children that encourage creativity and learning. Toys are delivered to your doorstep and picked up at the same place by KouniToys.

It works in 3 simple steps:
• Sign up, then go to the toys catalog section and Pick your favorite toys (4 toys per shipment)
• Relax and wait for your first set of toys that will be delivered within few days
• Once your child is done playing with the toys (1 or 2 months depending on your subscription) , just place everything in the return package. We will come to retrieve it and bring a new set of toys (you will receive an email few days before inviting you to choose the toys you want in your new batch of toys)

Are the toys cleaned and sanitized?

YES!!!! Every toy is rigorously cleaned and sanitized by our team so we can be completely certain that what we are sending out is safe & clean. We use only eco and child-friendly sterilization solutions All our toys go through a meticulous cleaning process that includes surface cleaning, sterilization, disinfecting, inspection and vacuum sealing.
In addition, we use dry saturated steam cleaners to sanitize the toys and ensure that 99.9% of residual germs and bacteria have been killed and all chemical residues eliminated.

How does renewal work?

It depends on the subscription you have.

If you have the monthly plan, you will be automatically billed every month for as long as account is active.

Annual subscribers are billed once at the sign up. Once your subscription has expired we will email you asking if you wish to continue (we don't automatically renew annual subscription).

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Absolutely! Just request hold by emailing us at [email protected] and we will put your account on hold effective the date we retrieve the box. You may let us know exact date when you wish to resume service or just go on hold until your further notice.

Where do you ship?

KouniToys deliver to your door anywhere in Luxembourg. We also deliver in the cross border region (Belgium and in France). Do not hesitate to drop us a line to know if your area is served.

When should I return the toys?

The rental period is monthly or bimonthly depending on your plan.
The toys will be picked up 1 or 2 months from the delivery date. If you are not available on the pickup date, please contact us to schedule an alternate pick up.
If you would like to keep the toys for another month, please contact us. Extensions will be granted if there is no hold placed on the toy.

What if my child falls in love with a toy?

No problem! If your child loves the toy you have rented and wants to keep it, you can easily purchase it from your "My Account" page or just drop us an email at [email protected] . We offer our members up to 30% off retailer price.

What if my child loses a piece?

No worries, we understand that pieces can get lost during play. If you are missing just one part, send the toys back the way they are and stay on a look out while you have your next box at home. If you found it, simply send it back to us with the rest of the toys when it is time to return them. If it is gone for good, we simply charge you a few bucks to replace the piece